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We all are trying to wrap our heads around what has happened and what it will be like when we begin to reintegrate ourselves back in the main stream of life. Knowing that we all gain our strength, peace and hope from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ……this is exactly how we will once again strengthen our faith and embrace our new normal. We have each other and Jesus, this is a win win in my book!

I happened to pick up my Bedside Blessings book on May 11th and opened it to that date and it reads…..Some of you are going through trials right now that have dropped you on your knees. At the same time, those trials are pulling you closer to the Lord than you’ve ever been in your life. That ought to bring rejoicing. You’ll be more closely linked to Him. Some of the mysterious themes threaded through His Word will become clearer because you have been leveled by some unexpected affliction or are enduring persecution or facing misunderstanding.
Written by Charles Swindon

Thanks be to God, who…. manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. 2 Corinthians 2:14

As I was reading I thought wow! I have had this little book for years and how amazing it is that this particular reading was so accurate to what we all have been enduring. We have all been impacted by Covid-19 and what I have personally found is that there have been many blessings because of Covid-19. Yes there are days that we all have to dig deep to see our blessings but there are equally as many days that blessings are right there in front of our eyes. What I am saying is this, try to not lose hope. Our Hope is in Jesus and he has never turned His back. On days that may be more challenging call or write someone, on days that you are feeling full of Hope and Joy call or write someone. You’ll never know how powerful Hope is if you don’t reach out.

Please know that you may reach me, Deb Briancesco RN, Pastoral Minister at Sacred Heart Parish in Feeding Hills using my office phone number 786.8200 Ext 3 Monday-Friday 10-4pm or email me at pastoral.ministries@sacredheartfeedinghills.org.