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Seasons in Life

I don’t think that there is one person who may be reading this who doesn’t have something to share about a season of their life; good, bad or indifferent. Now, may I ask you this? How many of you would share a season of your life that was impacted by God in a powerful way with the general public?

You may be wondering why I am asking you this very question…..Every single one of us is asked to evangelize…..we are asked by our God, our Pope, our Priests and Deacons. This means that every single person of every walk of life, no exceptions. What does evangelize mean, it is pretty simple really. It is to share your beliefs through the readings in the gospel. Jesus did it through parables. You could do it through witnessing as to how God has impacted your life.

When Covid-19 hit our area of the country, life seemed to come to a frightening screeching halt. But through the Grace of God most of us saw it through. Those who did not, I continue to pray for their souls. Right now we are in a sweet spot; this is a time when we can come together…at a distance and with masks (outside is even better) but at least we can lays eyes on one another, this is a Grace from God. It gives us an opportunity to do what God may have layed on our heart. Sharing with one another can be a very powerful witness and a means of evangelization. God has a plan, stay strong in your faith in Jesus Christ and be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for always being close, Thank you for holding me when I was scared, Thank you for every day you give to me, Thank you for the opportunity to spread your word and love, I do this in your most Holy Name.


Deb Briancesco RN Pastoral Minister

Sacred Heart Parish, Feeding Hills