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Lenten Bible Study

Lenten Bible Study

No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion

Begins March 7, 2019 6:30 – 8:30PM

Sacred Heart Parish

1061 Springfield Street

Feeding Hills, MA

No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion, presented by Dr. Edward Sri. This new program will include a 5-part video series, 30 minutes per session. It also features a “bonus” sixth segment on Christ’s Resurrection. This study includes a Workbook for both individual and group study. No Greater Love will help Catholics learn and understand Jesus’ final 18 hours on Earth before His death on the cross.

This study was filmed in 2018 in The Holy Land. Experience the sights and sounds of the places where Jesus walked, prayed, suffered, and died. It focuses on the Agony in the Garden, the Trial before Pilate, the Carrying of the Cross, and the Crucifixion at Calvary.

Dr. Edward Sri is among a handful of pre-eminent evangelists in the Catholic Church and no one in our generation has spent more time studying and reflecting on the full significance of Christ’s Passion and Death.”

Though we celebrate Christ’s Passion during Holy Week every year, we can easily lose sight of its profound meaning for our lives,” Dr. Sri said. “This new series examines some of the tough questions: Why did Christ have to die for us? What did His death accomplish? Why was He willing to do what He did?”

The Bible Study will take place in our Parish Center on Thursday evenings beginning March 7th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm for 5 consecutive weeks. Please sign up early so study books can be ordered, the cost of the study is $25; light refreshments will be available. You may call our Pastoral Minister Deb Briancesco with any questions or to sign up at 786.8200 ext 3.