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How to Make/Get your Reservation Ticket

Locate the Reservation Calendar in right column of screen (as seen in picture)

Select the Mass you want to attend, on Sunday’s there will be two Masses please select the correct one (as seen in picture)

After choosing the correct Mass select how many tickets you will need and click on “Add to Cart” button (as seen in picture)

Your “Cart” will be updated, Click on “Go to Cart” (as seen in picture)

Verify number of tickets, Input your first name, last name and correct email address. click on “Review Cart and Make Payment” (as seen in picture)

Again Verify your reservation and click on “Complete Reservation” (as seen in picture)

Your screen will look like as seen below, the system will then EMAIL your tickets.

Once you open your email you will see links to obtain your tickets so they may be printed. (as seen in picture)

You will click to print each ticket link. If you have multiple tickets you will need to repeat process. Your ticket will be seen as attached picture.