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Today I have finished  my second week of Self Quarantine to protect myself from Covid-19. I am at high risk because of my age and lung disease. There are so many of us who are home trying to stay healthy for reasons either the same as mine or different. The common denominator is that we are home. Why am I here writing to you? Because even though I am home and feeling isolated at times, I am also not alone. First and foremost, I am not home alone and neither are you. Jesus is always by my side and yours. John, chapter 14 verse 20: “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you.” Try to spend some time in your day just having a conversation with God, voice to Him what you are thankful for, what you want or just pour out your heart. He is waiting for you to do so. I will leave you with a small prayer.

Thank you Jesus for the most precious gift of another day

I lift up to you all those who feel alone and pray they feel your closeness

I lift up to you those who are sick so they feel your loving touch

I lift up to you all those who are caring for the Covid-19 patients

I do this and more in your Holy Name


Deb Briancesco RN

Pastoral Minister

Sacred Heart Parish

Feeding Hills