You Are Not Forgotten

As I write this, my prayerful thoughts are about you, my Faith Family and community. I will keep you all in my prayers and I ask that you please follow all that the CDC and our government is recommending. It will change quickly. Also keep in contact with anyone you may know who has compromising health issues that puts them at higher risk and our over 60 family, friends and neighbors. This is the time when we need to be there for each other no matter what is in the past. God wants us to forgive and forget. We are His children which means we are all family. This is the time for prayer.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, loving and merciful God, we worship and adore You. In faith, we come before You asking for mercy and forgiveness for our sins against You and Your creation.

In this time of anxiety and distress, we lift up to You the COVID-19 situation throughout the world. Father, we beg You to halt the spread of this disease and to grant healing and comfort to those afflicted. Please cover everyone with the Precious Blood of Your Son, Jesus and protect all of us, especially those in the medical field, from any infection and harm.

Lord Jesus, we beseech You to grace government leaders and medical experts with wisdom and knowledge to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to find a cure for it.

Holy Spirit Lord, please breathe peace and new life into everyone. May You grace us with a strong sense of social responsibility to do the necessary, and to be prudent and considerate in our actions. Bless all people to work together as one family of God and to be compassionate to one another.

Most Holy Trinity, we believe in You and we place all our hope in You.
You are our strength and our shield; in You our hearts trust; so we are helped, and our hearts exult, and with our song we give thanks to You.
(Psalm 28:7)

Immaculate Conception, Mary our Mother, we seek your intercession for us, our loved ones, our communities and everyone in this world.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Messiah and King, we trust in You. (X3)

Deb Briancesco RN

Pastoral Minister Sacred Heart Parish Feeding Hills MA

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