Deb Briancesco RN; Pastoral Minister
The word “just” is a word that typically gets overused and the word “life” has numerous meanings. By putting the two words together, now that is something! Just Life…..there is nothing minimal about its meaning, nothing simple about it either. God gives us a just life. It is what we do with that life that God gives us, that makes it so very special. How many times do we look back over our time here and reflect, how many times do we as God’s children use what we have learned to be more aligned with God’s teachings. This is a wonderful time to reflect…..most especially because we have so much unrest in our world today, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we felt more at peace with ourselves and embrace a deeper faith in Christ? 1 Corinthians 16:13 ERV Be careful. Hold firmly to your faith. Have courage and be strong.

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