Dynamic Catholic With Matthew Kelly

We were planning on a Dynamic Catholic event with Matthew Kelly for around October, 2021. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all their events have been canceled which now pushes us to a late 2022. Please see below for a wonderful opportunity to hear Matthew Kelly virtually in your own home. I think we can all agree that our world needs some hope and encouragement right now and we know this event has the power to do just that!

Date & Time: Thursday, November 5 at 8PM EST

Ticket Price: $39 per ticket (which includes an event packet shipped to your door containing Matthew Kelly’s event exclusive book and additional items)

Unique Opportunities During Event: Matthew Kelly will lead a live coaching Dream Session and Q&A – plus fantastic talks as well! Visit DynamicCatholic.com/AMP for all of the details.

Please call your Pastoral Minister Deb Briancesco RN any questions or concerns at 413.786.8200 ext. 3

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