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Results for "Pope Francis is Right Barack Obama has become the Poverty President"


  • Pope Francis is Right - Catholic Vote

    ...h is a crushing indictment of President Obama's indifference to the working-c...number of Americans living in pover...early 50 million Americans in poverty, Barack Obama has become the Poverty President. After five years, it is c...f Sardinia in late September, Pope Francis spoke to 20,000 workers who had...

    1979 days ago

  • Time for a Showdown - CV

      Finally! Moments ago both houses of Congress finally agreed to a bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parent...0-181 and will now be sent to President Obama’s desk. Will he veto...e country to elect a pro-life President to get the job done once and...

    1229 days ago

  • Obama launches new attack -

    The Supreme Court has already rebuked Obama twice on religious liberty. But that isn't stopping this president from launching another at...The executive order signed by Obama thankfully preserves an exemption put in place by President George W. Bush which allows r...

    1763 days ago

  • Distorting Pope Francis

    taken from Old, Good News By Stephen White...excitement over something the Pope said about abortion, gay-marriag...lished a lengthy interview of Pope Francis in which the Holy Father says...hit a dead end. Thus, as Pope Francis...llenge for the Church, as the Pope seem...

    2067 days ago

  • Person Of The Year - from Catholic Vote

      Dear CV Friend, Another week, another media frenzy over our pope. This morning Time announced they have selected Pope Francis as...the world. According to Weigel, the pope to the widespread popularity of Pope Franci...l here. The newfound popularity for Pope Francis a...

    1985 days ago

  • All Lives Matter - CV

    ...ife advocates. Specifically Pope Francis wrote: “Our defense...the Church, including recent popes who are now saints. Pope Francis did not write that pro-life a...rtant to remember is that the right to life is foundational to every other right. You can’t pretend to c...

    361 days ago

  • Don't Shut Down Mass - from Catholic Vote

    Dear Friend of CV, Even Nancy Pelosi voted for it. Over the weekend,...military. But under orders from President Obama,...for maximum political advantage. President Obama has fenced off open-air museums,...tor Reid and other supporters of President Obama will likely counter that “i...

    2046 days ago

  • Our Own Bishop Mitch welcoming The Holy Father

    Pope Francis meets with the Bishops of the United States of America at St Matthew's Cathedral. September 23, 2015 Most Rev. Mitchell T. Rozanski greets The Holy Father.

    1334 days ago

  • 8th time a charm? - CV

    The Obama administration just won’t give up. Having lost in the Supreme Cour...00 in fines, per year, for every employee! And President Obama a...the lawsuits will continue (including ours). The Obama administration will keep revising...

    1726 days ago

  • Encyclical is published - CV

    It’s out. At 4 AM Eastern Time, or noon in Rome, Pope Francis officially released his newes...and our planet. So what is Pope Francis proposing must be done? T...ans, especially the unborn. Pope Francis calls out this contradiction.....” Our Holy Father is right. Wh...

    1431 days ago