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  • Don't Shut Down Mass - from Catholic Vote

    ...tholic priest[s] to celebrate Mass” at some military installatio...he military. But under orders from President Obama, these contracted priests would be PROHIBITED from saying Mass, even if they used to stop priests from saying Mass on military bases! Thi...

    1686 days ago

  • Hungry for the Eucharist?

    Many of us Catholics are used to attending Mass every Sunday (or even daily). We listen, sin...ledge contained in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that most people don’t...ations. If you have a deep love for the Holy Mass, or even (and especially) if...

    100 days ago


      A constant Catholic theme in He taught that singing at Mass was important. One thing he gets credit for is the saying, “He who sings, prays t...What makes a hymn different from a song? Hymns are for for a whole Sunday Solemn Mass? I’m tired. But you&rsq...

    1343 days ago


    The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Latin Mass) will now be celebrated at St. John's the Evangelist, 833 Main Street, Agawam, MA at 6 pm; Saturday evenings (anticipated Sunday Mass). Come, be apart of the "Closest thing to Heaven on Earth".  

    913 days ago

  • Consecrated Host Returned ! - CV

    The Consecrated Host is back in the agreed to sign a statement saying that they will not use a Consecrated Host in a black mass – if it happens. Talk a...rum and we couldn't stop them from performing their "ceremony."...ists might still hold a black mass, but promised that they won't...

    1371 days ago

  • Victory at Harvard: Satan defeated, the Eucharist enthroned

    Victory at Harvard: Satan defeated, the Euc...n of the Blessed Sacrament. The black mass that had been scheduled for t...d the outrage announced that the black mass had finally taken place later...he procession made its way slowly down Massachusetts Avenue, some passers...

    1471 days ago

  • We want the Blessed Sacrament back! - CV

    Jesus called us to be as wise as serpents, innocent as doves. In...this important guest message from the attorney representing Arc...fight over the planned Black Mass i...a consecrated host only comes from the Catholic Church. Satanist...willing to fight these black mass efforts with the law anywhere...

    1373 days ago

  • Lenten Bible Study

    Lenten Bible Study Bishop Robert Barron’s CONVERSION – Foll...DVD based program to share six stories from the Bible to demonstrate how...r attended a Bible study or you attend Mass o...ruary 15th –Thursday, March 22nd from either 10:00AM – 12:00P...

    127 days ago

  • Sacred Heart Parish Lenten Mission

    Sacred Heart Parish Lenten Mission Presided by: Fr. Kisito Dagbevi Comlan Vodounon...sion.Fr. Kisito Dagbevi Comlan Vodounon is a priest from; 6:00PM Reconciliation 6:30PM – Teaching Mass Teaching Laying of the Hand...

    113 days ago

  • Person Of The Year - from Catholic Vote

      Dear CV Friend, Another week, another me...But wait! Many of you are writing us saying: these people don’t Catholics? Will it lead to higher Mass attendance, more vocations, and...k you to pray with us today the words from St. Paul that followed in Eph...

    1625 days ago